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Are you part of the 15% of women who experience pelvic pain? Faina Akselrod, MD, FACOG, FACS, and Genia Bekker, MD, FACOG, FACS, in Brooklyn educate and aid women with pelvic pain at Advanced Gynecology & Surgery. If you’re in or around New York City and need relief from pain in your lower abdomen, don’t leave it untreated. Book an appointment online or call the office in Sheepshead Bay for available appointment times.

Pelvic Pain Q & A

What is pelvic pain?

Any dull or sharp pain starting below your navel is considered pelvic pain. You might experience a constant and continuous pain, or your pain might be intermittent. Pelvic pain intensity ranges from a mild discomfort to severe enough to make you miss work, school, or your daily activities. It’s also possible that you may notice pelvic pain only when you’re urinating or during sexual intercourse.

If your pelvic pain lasts longer than six months, you may be suffering from chronic pelvic pain. If you suspect that you’re suffering from chronic pelvic pain, come into Advanced Gynecology & Surgery. Dr. Bekker and Dr. Akselrod will understand your symptoms and will help you get relief.

What are the causes of pelvic pain?

Your reproductive, urinary, or digestive system may be the source of your pelvic pain. Pelvic pain is usually a symptom of another problem such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids. In some cases, you might experience pelvic pain from constipation, kidney stones, or urinary tract infections.

Sudden and severe pelvic pain could be a medical emergency. Speak with the women’s care experts at Advanced Gynecology & Surgery for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

How is pelvic pain treated?

Many women leave pelvic pain untreated for several months. Talk to Dr. Bekker or Dr. Akselrod during your routine exam about your pain and your concerns. Blood and urine analysis and tests for sexually transmitted diseases can confirm an infection that might be behind your pelvic pain.

If Dr. Akselrod or Dr. Bekker suggests treatment for your pelvic pain, they usually recommend medication such as antibiotics first. Some pelvic pain conditions like endometriosis require laparoscopic surgery for relief. Additional surgery is a treatment option for women with uterine fibroids.

Whether you suffer from chronic or intermittent pelvic pain, you should find the cause and have it treated. Dr. Bekker and Dr. Akselrod want to answer your questions and give you the full attention you deserve. Call their office in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn, New York, today to schedule your appointment or book a consultation online.